Show Glossary

We are often asked about the origin of some of the audio drops and inside jokes from the show. We want our audience to be well versed on everything so we have created a glossary to help you out.

“Dave’s Not Here, Man”

A dopey kid who went by “Dave” called the show and repeated the famous line from “Up In Smoke”.  The kid never hung up the phone so we listened to a conversation between “Dave” and his mom for about 15 minutes. “Dave’s Not Here, Man” has become the rallying cry for the show.


This drop comes from the same “Dave” call. When “Dave” told his mom that we hung up on him she delivered the now famous response.

“That White Boy Over There”

American Idol finalist Bo Bice felt he was profiled at the Atlanta airport when a cashier at Popeyes referred to him as “That White Boy Over There”. We like to mock this regularly. When we refer to Jim Mudd we play this drop.

“I Need The Puppy”

Excerpt from a drunken Jilly voicemail. She locked herself out of the house and called Josh during his first show in Philadelphia. This drop is usually played to annoy Jilly.

“I Know What’s Going On Here”

This drop comes from a video of 610 morning host Mike Meltser. Mike was hammered one night and captured on video.

“If He Had His Druthers”

Jim got drunk in Vegas and left a voicemail for 610 host Paul Gallant. When we mock Jim we like to play this drop.

“They Just Don’t Know”

Josh’s Pee Wee Football coach used to yell this at practice. Josh never played and eventually broke his wrist at practice. Former co host Hollis Thomas adored this bit.

“I Don’t Advocate Hitting Women”

This is a general preface before saying anything that could be deemed controversial. This originated during the initial discussion of Oklahoma’s Joe Mixon.

“What The Hell?”

We called Josh’s dad multiple times and played “Dave’s Not Here” when he picked up. This led to a frustrated Scott Innes asking “What The Hell?” before hanging up. Drop is usually played when referencing Scott or when a caller says something dumb.


Another show rallying cry. This started when Josh railed against the outdated system for determining ratings.

Grandma Edna

Josh’s grandma who was a regular on Josh’s 610 show as well as the WIP show in Philly. Grandma was adored by Josh and the audience. She died in April 2016. We regularly play drops of her laugh.

Bobhorn Leghorn

This is an exaggerated caricature of Texans owner Bob McNair. After the Texans lost to the Packers, McNair uttered the now famous “If you take out the drops, Brock was as good as his competitor” line. While mocking this audio Josh started doing a random Southern accent, which sounded like Foghorn Leghorn. The guys started referring to the character as Bobhorn Leghorn.

Luther Van Dam

This is Josh’s Dog. Josh does the voice when referencing his buddy. He usually just talks about his desire to have his grundle scratched.

Wheel Of Troll

The Wheel of Troll is an actual wheel that consists of 9 topics that are obviously meant to rile up the audience. The guys will spin the wheel then watch the hijinks ensue. The catch is that Josh has to tell the audience he’s screwing with them. They will still get mad.

Blind Gus

Blind Gus is an actual blind listener in Philadelphia. He found Josh’s show when it was on 610 AM in Philadelphia. Gus has judged a best ass contest on air and played santa at the strip club in Philly. Gus is a regular part of the show during football season when he makes his weekend picks.

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