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Josh Innes Show HR 4 071917

Solitary Confinement, Mannix's Opinion Piece on Lebron Moving to Houston, Josh Calls His Dad, Hot Dogs, and More Shannon

Josh Innes Show HR 3 072017

Jayson Braddock joins the show to talk Texans, Shannon Sharpe Fun, and Jared Sandler from 103.5 The Fan comments on Rangers

Josh Innes Show HR 3 072017

Jayson Braddock joins the show to talk Texans, Shannon Sharpe Fun, and Jared Sandler from 103.5 The Fan comments on Rangers

Josh Innes Show HR 2 072017

Josh talks about getting older. We play Cowboy or Convict, check the "Melo Watch", Mount Rushmore of Murderers, and Road Rage!

Josh Innes Show HR 1 072017

Josh gets fired up about opinion pieces being released as news like the story about Lebron James coming to Houston. Josh Also covers the Ezekiel Elliot Bar fight cover up and the Astros' Health moving forward.

Josh Innes Show HR 4 071917

With Twitter and the rest of the internet calling Michael Vick a sellout we played ‘Name that Uncle Tom’. Our buddy Matt Moscona joins the show to talk a little College Football. ND Kalu stopped by at the end of the show.

Josh Innes Show HR 3 071917

Josh talks to the GM of the Houston Astros Jeff Luhnow. Jeff’s heart sank when George Springer was hit in the hand by a pitch. Jeff talks about the injury to Carlos Correa, and the depth that the organization has in position players. Jeff tells us exactly what type pitcher that they are looking to acquire via trade.

Josh Innes Show HR 2 071917

Michael Vick is under fire for his comments about Colin Kaepernick. Josh agrees with Vick, and Josh tells stories about how he had to learn to conform.

Josh Innes Show HR 1 071917

Josh was impressed by the performance of one Bradley J Peacock. Josh, like everyone else, was filled with dread when he saw George Springer get hit by a pitch.

Josh Innes Show HR 4 071817

Josh is deathly afraid of, well, a lot of things. How does one find a buyer for a Pro Sports team? These are the hard question that we ask on The Josh Innes Show.

Josh Innes Show HR 3 071817

Michael Vick thinks that Colin Kaepernick needs to start with getting a hair cut if he wants to get back into the NFL. Josh thinks that Kaepernick enjoys the attention he’s getting more than he wants to play in the NFL. Astros color analyst Steve Sparks joins the show.

Josh Innes Show HR 2 071817

Josh thinks that Tony Sipp may be the most hated Astros reliever. Josh says that Bud Adams is the most important team owner in the history of Houston sports.

Josh Innes Show HR 1 071817

Josh is adamant that Lance McCullers must pitch better if the Astros want to win in the Post season. The Rockets have announced that the team is for sale. OJ is about to get out of Jail.

Josh Innes Show HR 4 071717

Josh went 'Down in The DM', and read the messages being sent to the station Facebook page about the show's move to the Mornings. He also called Chris Gordy's show in New Oreleans.

Josh Innes Show HR 3 071717

Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliot may have had an altercation at a Dallas night club. We talked to the man that broke the story: Mike Fisher of 105.3 The Fan. Josh thinks Zeke has had too many incidents for there not to be a concern.

Josh Innes Show HR 2 071717

Josh needed Jilly to fight another battle for him over the weekend. He was ready to walk away from money to avoid a confrontation. We take a look at the possible trade targets of the Astros.

Josh Innes Show Hr 1 071717

It's the debut of the Josh Innes Morning Show. Josh has had a run of successfully predicting the results of Astros starting pitchers. He tries to keep that streak alive with Lance McCullers Jr tonight.

Josh Innes Show July 7th 2017

It's the last Josh Innes Show in the the Afternoon! Josh thinks that Lance McCullers needs to go deeper in games before he can be considered a premiere pitcher. Josh thinks that celebrities should tip more than your average Joe. The Last Free Speech ...

Josh Innes Show July 6th 2017

Josh gloated over his prediction, that Jaime Garcia would melt down in the fifth inning, coming to fruition. It's the 23rd anniversary of the theatrical release of Forrest Gump. Josh maintains that it's the most quotable movie in the history of cinema.

Josh Innes Show July 5th 2017

The Astros destroyed the Braves 16-4 yesterday. Josh thinks that the Astros can get to Jaime Garcia tonight. We talked to Mike Fiers about how he turned his season around. Matt Thomas joined the show to talk Astros.


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