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Live From Josh's Couch

Live From Josh’s Couch is my uncensored podcast recorded from my couch.

Live From Josh’s Couch 5-30-18

Bryan Colangelo’s story is fantastic, but it could also cost him his gig. How should the players respond? Plus, Matt Moscona joins us to talk about sports conspiracies. Why do people think the NBA is rigged? Why don’t other sports get this same reaction?

Live From Josh’s Couch 5-21-18

Today’s “Live From Josh’s Couch” is on and poppin’. I think Malcolm Jenkins is making a mistake by not going to the White House. Can you imagine if a coach in Philly would have said something as dumb as Mike D’Antoni said last night?

Live From Josh’s Couch 5-18-18

May 18, 2018 Would Lebron prefer to go to Philly or Houston? Houston is the much better spot. Plus, What did you use as lubricant when you masturbated as a kid. Plus, Philly/Houston people care too much about what the "national media" thinks.  00:0000:00

Live From Josh’s Couch 5-10-18

The Sixers have been eliminated and I get into with a commenter about Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. What is the ceiling for the Sixers? Would you take the Sixers or Celtics for the next 5 years? 

Live From Josh’s Couch 5-9-18

The 76ers season will come to an end tonight because Brett Brown has been outcoached by Brad Stevens. Michael Wilbon of ESPN is salty because a white boy was talking some trash. Why wouldn’t he? TJ carried the Sixers in Game 4. Plus, I finally collected gambling winnings for the first time in my life. I’m now down only $40,000 or so!

Live From Josh’s Couch 5-8-18

Today I discuss the disappearing act of the great Ben Simmons. Why do people continue to prop up Brett Brown? He’s mediocre and he’s been pecker slapped by Brad Stevens. This playoff loss really hammers home my point that the regular season means nothing. Plus, I listen to the audio of Howard Stern talking about my radio row incident. I have not heard this audio yet.

Live From Josh’s Couch 9-18

I’m back! As promised I have finally delivered a brand new Josh’s Couch. We discuss the one year anniversary of my firing in Philly and read through some of the stories from August 2016 and discuss all the factual inaccuracies. Plus, why I was rooting for Andy Reid yesterday.

Live From Josh’s Couch 7-6-17

After a long delay, it is the triumphant return of “The Couch”. We have gigantic news about the show! Today, you will find out what city Jim and I will be doing an early afternoon show. We also told some fun stories of my days in Baton Rouge.

Live From Josh’s Couch 6-13-2017

My name is in the local news today so we spend the bulk of the show discussing the future of “The Josh Innes Show” at Sports Talk 790. Changes are coming. We also discuss the Netflix series “The Keepers” and a final farewell to my grandpa.

Live From Josh’s Couch 6-6-17

Today’s episdoe we defend Mike Schmidt from the lazy, click baiting vultures who are attempting to disparage his good name. We talk about the ailing grandpa and why he means so much to me. We celebrate the return of Hank Williams, Jr to Monday Night Football.

Live From Josh’s Couch 5-30-2017

I think you’ll really like this one. We start off by ridiculing the shitty sports radio landscape of Philadelphia. The topics seem to have gotten lazier, thus more fun to mock. This leads us to calling 97.5 to try to get on the air. We discuss the story about the Denver Post firing a writer for a tweet about a Japanese Indy Car driver. This leads to discussions of how Twitter has gotten me fired. This discussion turned in to stories of the times I’ve been suspended or fired. This was a funy one.

Live From Josh’s Couch 5-23-17

Today we tried to do the show on Facebook Live and I totally botched it. We were on Facebook Live long enough for my dad to get angry because I curse too much. We decided to call dad and bust his balls. Most of this podcast is spent talking about the r...

Live From Josh’s Couch 5-15-17

Today’s “Live From Josh’s Couch” we discuss the disappearing act of James Harden and what could have caused it. Could he be possessed by demons? Did he switch bodies with someone ala “Freaky Friday” or “Like Father, Like Son”? We talk about whether or not Harden being sued may have played a part. We also listened to some of our favorite songs from our new favorite youtube rapper ZDOG. As always we skewered the twitter accounts of WIP and Fanatic. It’s so much fun.

Live From Josh’s Couch 10

It’s time for another edition of “Live From Josh’s Couch”. We are all over the place in this insallment, which shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. We discuss Charles Barkley’s new show about race relations in America, the boring NBA playoffs and the end of Ryan Howard’s career.

Live From Josh’s Couch 9

Jilly and I are back from Philly and we share our experiences at the Draft. We talk about my work beefs in Houston and try to find a theme song for the show from the Youtube unlicensed music catalog. We also discuss our love of Action News in Philly. 

Live From Josh’s Couch 8

Today’s episode features in depth discussion about Anthony Gargano’s friend MCW getting fired at 97.5, the Philly Voice using my name for clicks and how I think 97.5 will eventually flip formats. We also mocked the twitter accounts of Philly radio stations. Fun times.

Live From Josh’s Couch 7

Today we discuessed how Shady McCoy is a loser. Would you agree? I mean, every story about him is negative. Pete Rose will be on the Philles Wall of Fame and he deserves it. He’s also a lying douche. Ryan Howard should hang up his spikes. We also read the tweets from 97.5 and WIP. Plus, a little Phillies talk. I love baseball!

Live From Josh’s Couch 6

Baseball season is here!! We talked about our Opening Day experience in Philly and other places, my hatred of doing remotes in Philly, Tony Romo’s retirement, shitty Philly radio shows, the death of Ben Franklin and analytics nerds. Enjoy.