JIS Houston Show 9/20 Recap

  • Josh’s lock of the century in the Houston/Tulane game was a bust
  • Another day another chapter in the Antonio Brown saga
  • Some people are putting a positive spin on the flooding due to Imelda…last time a storm flooded the city the Astros won the World Series.
  • Figuring out the best way for the Stros to clinch the division for fans
  • Yankees clinched the AL East and obnoxious Yankee fan JJ From The Bronx celebrates
  • Should Jilly start selling pictures of her feet for extra cash?
  • The Clippers presented Kawhi with a list of players for him to choose who he wanted to play with.
  • Chiefs fans steal a cardboard cutout of Patrick Mahomes from McDonalds and ALMOST got away with it
  • Recapping our NFL picks for the weekend