JIS Houston Show 10/3 Recap

  • Astros/Rays is officially dubbed “The Orange Juice Series” by Gerrit Cole
  • Charlie Morton set an MLB record last night
  • Astros had a rally outside City Hall this morning at 10 am. It wasn’t great. We’ve got some audio of Mayor Turner talking trash and Jeff Luhnow asking fans for a favor
  • Is this Jeff Luhnow audio on par with Ram Rules
  • Deshaun Watson was a ball boy for the Falcons growing up. He’s got a few stories
  • Jaguars cashing in on Minshew Mania with a new ticket package
  • Actresses that were in kids movies and grew up to be hot (Like Anna Paquin)
  • Jim Mudd gives us his thoughts on Wednesday night’s AEW TNT debut