Jim Mudd

Jim Mudd Josh Innes Show Sports 790 KBME HoustonJim Mudd is the perfect counter to me. I am loud and obnoxious and crave the attention of the audience. Jim doesn’t say much, but when he does it packs a punch. Jim and I became friends while working together at Sports Radio 610 in Houston. The show I co-hosted at the time had just lost a second producer in 3 years. I was very angry with this because I don’t handle change very well. My boss at the time, the great Gavin Spittle suggested that we move Big Jim from the midday show to our show. So we did. It was the best decision. Jim produced the show for about a year. We had a blast. I ended up abandoning poor Jim in December of 2013 because I didn’t want to work at 610 anymore. I moved to Philly and Jim stayed behind to produce the 610 afternoon show. He then moved to the morning show where he was underutilized.

One of my great joys in life was rescuing Jim from the purgatory of 610 in October of 2016. It was like rescuing a sad little puppy from the pound. Jim is the fearless one who will ask anyone anything. He is the King of Radio Row. He’s the only one of the show who can say he appeared on Sports Center. He’s been threatened by crotchety old radio dweebs. Jim is the wizard who is responsible for all the drops you hear on the show. I know that many of you think Jim doesn’t talk enough. You also think it’s because I tell him to shut up. To the contrary, I tell him to talk more. He speaks mostly in movie quotes. When I say “movie quotes” I should say he speaks in quotes from “Walk Hard” and “Raising Arizona”. He’s is a Van Halen connoisseur that grew up in BFE, Missouri. He adores his wife, Dusty and his two kids Emily and Dani. He’s also the proud dog parent of Doc and Marty. I’m convinced he named his dogs after movie characters because I did. Jim once accepted an award on my behalf because I refused to put on dress pants. He’s a trooper.