Jilly is my love… my smut peddling, big-breasted love. Here’s the story about how we met. I heard her on the radio circa 2010. She was doing her signature “Would You Rather” bit on Hot 95.7 in Houston. I don’t know what she was asking her audience. It was probably something about tampons or poop or farts. These are her favorite topics. Her voice was so sexy. Her laugh was infectious. I had to meet her. I eventually did meet her while I was wearing a 4 sizes too small Spiderman costume. It was a brief encounter but she was clearly smitten. How can you blame her? I mean, look at me. I’m raw sex. I have a beautiful beard. I wear hipster glasses. I’m hung like a mouse. Wait, this is about Jilly. In reality it took me a long time to wear her down. She played hard to get.  I don’t know why she decided to be with me but she did. This chick had the #1 night show in Chicago. She started the trend of female night jocks in radio…she will remind you of this when she hears some dopey wannabe doing her shtick. She’s the best female radio talent in the country and without question the best on this show.

Jilly is an overprotective dog mom who is convinced that our dog Luther is dying every second of every day. She’s addicted to Campbell’s Tomato Juice and attending Neil Diamond concerts.